I grew up knowing I was not going to follow any pre-destined plan and instead take a meandering,

curvy pathed approach through this life.

I have enjoyed careers as:

  1. atlanta's top child model of 1981

  2. horse-stall mucker (in exchange for letting me ride horses)

  3. baby-sitter

  4. an actor type

  5. a receptionist

  6. a manager of information systems

  7. lighting designer

  8. labor coordinator

  9. property manager

  10. restaurants (host, boh, foh, management, gasp)

  11. a pastry chef's assistant

  12. a location scout

  13. an assistant to the principals of a private school

  14. mother

  15. booking agent and band manager

  16. public relations manager

  17. mother (again)

  18. marketer

  19. graphic designer and brand consultant

  20. musician.

Roles 19 and 20 stuck. 

<Life-role/mother = forever> 


 Cellist. Designer + Visual Communicator

A wellspring of ideas naturally exists in an environment of inspiration and curiosity and it is one that is provided daily by the company I choose to keep. The work I make is based on impulse and improvisation, informed by thoughtful investigations of a client's needs and overall vision.